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Devil T-Town UA


So they say the devil went down to Georgia looking for souls to steal but apparently he stopped in Alabama for a billboard photo shoot also.  This shirt pays homage to an iconic billboard and two iconic rival universities.

Waaay before A Shunnarah dominated the land of  I-65 billboards there was ONE sign that stood proudly since the early 80's that would always catch my eye cruising in my parents 89 Subaru station wagon at a young age.  

The Devil Will Get You sign would always let me know I was half way between the big Peach and The Capital in a town known as Deatsville.  At a young age, I imagined that the lake behind the sign was possibly a lake of fire where the devil with really ripped abs would take folks who didn't Go To Church.  Sadly, the sign fell due to a storm in 2016 but was coincidentally raised from the dead at the start of 2018.  

Bella + Canvas Tee. 52% Cotton. 48% Polyester.

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Devil UA.jpg