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I have watched a lot of SEC football in my life. One of my earliest “SEC” memories as a child was showing up at my parent’s friends house (The Walden’s in the Peanut Capital) to watch some Alabama football. I noticed that the sound on the TV was on “mute” while the radio was dialed into a locAL station that blared this distinct voice. Who was this guy and why is the televison on mute? That voice….who is this dude telling what color uniform the home team was wearing, which direction the wind was blowing in from, selling me on Golden Flake and so on and so on….Now I find myself with kids watching Bama football with the tv on mute….listening to my boy Eli Gold. I Wanna Know Where Eli Gold At… bout you?

Bella + Canvas Tee. 52% Cotton. 48% Polyester.

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