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I HeART Huntsville


In Huntsville, we convert abandoned mills to the nation's largest privately owned arts facility. 

Lowe Mill holds a large part of the storied past of our town and in it's rebirth, is an important part of the present and future of Huntsville's vibrant arts scene. 

Personally, I would not exist without the mill. My granddad met my grandmother while working at the Genesco shoe plant years ago which was housed at the mill. Story has it he saw my grandmother across the room and said aloud, right then, that he would marry that beautiful lady.  

From cotton mill to shoe plant to a place on the National Register of Historic Places....Huntsville is a creative place and that's why I HeART Huntsville!

This shirt also available exclusively at the Huntsville Visitor Center, 500 Church St NW, Huntsville, AL, (256) 551 -2230

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I HeART Huntsville-exc.png
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