Jose Canyouseeco - STARS Hat


Dear Sir/Madam,

Under the Fair Huntsville Native Hat Act 1985, it is my right to request that you purchase this hat. This hat is kinda…but not really…an homage to the hat I received on a buyout night in the late 80s/early 90s. It has come to our attention that you, the millions…thousands…ok maybe hundreds of other local boys and girls that sat in line to get their Topps Todd Van Pop card signed, wore that very uncomfortable plastic helmet the whole game, brought mit through the gates in hopes of a foul ball, loved/followed a team in Oakland, CA because of their AL roots, etc, etc, etc…that you desperately need the hat or one close to the one I own and wear at local Rocket City shows.

In or about last year, we found out there is a new team coming to town….one without those Terry Steinbach and Walt Weiss roots…but we are still happy for another team coming in that may offer other boys/girls uncomfortable plastic helmets, fireworks, speed pitch machine, awkward restrooms (maybe not those), ice cream out of plastic hats, etc, etc, etc.

There may never be another minor league game off the Parkway…..but for the time being here is a throwback hat.


Fow Wow

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