PanoPlease Don't Rain


April showers bring arts and flowers.

Panoplease Don’t Rain pays homage to the lovely arts folk who in 1982 decided to create a festival that focused emphasis on children and arts education.

Whether you are a Hsv lifer or a transplant you probably have heard about the ongoing joke with this festival and it’s arch nemesis…Zeus….

Don’t believe me (a HH born fool whose first memory of Panoply was designing an A’s/STARs hat back in the late 80s only to have to cut that hat design short due to a T-storm) then ask our Sales & Ops Manager Hunter Holland who came up with this design…She gets it and we like her gets.


All I can say is that Fow Wow life is not too plain

I like watchin’ the puddles gather rain (minus April 26-28 weekend)

And all I can do is just pour some Milo’s tea for two

And like always…Fow Wow will speak our point of view but it’s not sane

Bella + Canvas Tee. 90% Cotton. 10% Polyester.

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