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Say Yes to Sano


Monte Sano...ah, how I love thee. I would really love thee more if I could afford to live on thee. Oh, Sano you make my day bright when skies are grey.  You let me hike your trails, you let me throw discs at your baskets, you let me boulder your rock face under the lookout as people chunk sticks/skittles/watermelons/drinks over the cliffs' let me cruise on your Family Trail and wreck hard on your Goat Trail, you let me camp on your ground and hook up what we call RVs on you. Not many mountains can overlook a rocket city and not many mountains would consider you a mountain....But as for me, I love you whatever you are you mountain/hill/rolling hill/mound/etc.

This shirt also available exclusively at the Huntsville Visitor Center, 500 Church St NW, Huntsville, AL, (256) 551 -2230

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