The P-Unit / H-Tang

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This shirt is a shoutout to my best friend in HS…Punit Patel aka: P-Unit or Pete (if you went to AU).

Punit taught me many things: Hsv in the mid/late 90s was “boring” but not when you have a wing man to be bored with, Music is better when you have two 12z in the back, Front tuck can turn any event into a business casual event, You can push over portal potties in someones truck and deliver to a teacher’s house, You can drive the PCB strip with head out the window, Indian food is the most delicious food in the world, You can cross 565 median while going 50 mphs, Dance parties are better with the P-Unit push-ups and LASTLY The Wu-Tang Clan ain’t Nuthin’ Ta Mess Wit.

Sadly, my HS best friend passed away a few years ago but those friendships and memories will live on….especially when Wu Tang is beatin’ from those speakers.

Bella + Canvas Tee. 100% Cotton.

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