BrinGing HOMETOWN freshness to shirtless souls.

on alabama

Some folks are embarrassed to say they are from the South and especially Alabama. Those folks are fools and Fow Wow pities those fools.  
If you pity those fools too, then give yourself a high five!  

Fow Wow was created to spread weird, random love to locals and non-locals who have (and maybe haven’t) discovered Alabama awesomeness!  

Fow Wow realizes sometimes it’s cheaper and maybe more convenient to stay with the “chain gang." Don’t be afraid to break those “chains” every once in a while and BUY & SHOP LOCAL!!! It’s proven that local businesses recycle more money back into the local economy and give back to community needs. Local businesses are better positioned to respond to the special needs of the community and tied to the community’s future. 


Growing up my mind wondered and wandered off constantly. I’d start reading a book and three minutes later would find myself wondering what a leprechaun’s favorite food was..  

Not much has changed now that I’m an “adult”. I’ve become one with my wondering/wandering mind. Five years ago I decided that when a random thought came to mind I would write it down, either as a note on my phone or with a sharpie onto my hand. This is where those thoughts have wound up—on the designs that make it on to shirts, stickers and even tea towels, really, I will print on anything….